Dear art lovers, dear friends of art
Autumn is here and with it my art exhibition in the offices of Glauser+Partner Vorsorge AG in Länggasse in Bern is coming to an end. The beautiful, gently renovated art nouveau building with its high, bright rooms has provided me with a wonderful backdrop to present my colourful paintings.
The title “BEAUTIFUL PROSPECTS” was chosen with care, as a good advice in financial matters for old age not only promises a beautiful perspective, but also goes hand in hand with the knowledge of a good financial pension plan and care for a relaxed and dignified retirement.

On 20st of October from 6.30pm to 8pm, we cordially invite you to the finissage and I look forward to welcoming you at Länggassstrasse 31, 1st floor to a pleasant aperitif.

Best regards, Astrid Baenziger 

Thank you for celebrating with me!

South Korea 2021


Exhibition visit by appointment at the

gallery Art & Eigensinn Berne under

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